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Reliable Tyre Fitters in Norwich

Tyre fitting

At Swiftfit, we pride ourselves on offering a large range of tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets. Rigorously tested by the manufacturer, and meeting the strict guidelines set out by the British Standard Institution, you can be confident that you’ll get back on the road equipped with safe and high-quality tyres.

As well as being the most qualified tyre fitters in Norwich, our team will be happy to provide you with expert advice on all of the options available to you.

Wheel Alignment

If you find that your steering wheel is not quite sitting straight, or that you have excessive wear on either side of your tyres. Then, you may need your wheels aligning.

Otherwise known as ‘wheel tracking’, the process of aligning wheels back to the manufacturer’s specifications will ensure that your car drives straight and true, is stable, and offers a greater fuel efficiency.

Ultimately, by having your wheel alignment corrected you will be able to protect your tyres from unnecessary wear and tear, increasing the number of miles you will be able to drive before needing new tyres. Should you need new tyres, we are one out of a selection of garages, providing main agent quality and affordable car tyres in Norwich.

Puncture Repairs

Whilst some punctures will mean that you’ll need a new tyre, it is possible that some can be repaired.

If a nail has become embedded in the main tread region of your tyre, for example, then it’s often possible to have it extracted before repairing the tyre back to a safe condition.

We will inspect and providing it’s safe to do so, we will repair your tyre while you wait.

If it is decided that the repair is not possible, and you do need a new set of tyres, we are one of the largest stockists of car tyres in Norwich. Call our garage on 01603 700128 for an accurate price today.

Nitrogen Inflation for tyres

Purified nitrogen has been used to inflate tyres on aircraft and racing cars for many years as a means of eliminating moisture that leads to high temperatures.

Now used to inflate tyres on road cars, the removal of moisture will reduce the rust which develops on the inner rims whilst the properties of the gas mean that tyres maintain higher pressures for a longer period of time.

Tyres inflated with this gas have major benefits over standard air-filled tyres. These advantages include:
•   Less wheel corrosion
•   A slower rate of pressure loss
•   Lower CO2 emissions

As well as these key benefits, nitrogen filled tyres will provide a greater fuel economy as they hold their pressure for far longer than those which are inflated with air.

We are able to provide a nitrogen inflation service at our car garage in Norwich.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Repairs

At Swiftfit, we are constantly investing in the future, that’s why we are now able to offer TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) repairs and servicing.

When having your tyres changed, instead of simply removing expensive sensors, our Norwich tyre fitters can service and reset them once placed back on your vehicle.

This is another service which will help to improve the overall safety of your car as you can rely on being alerted should you experience a loss of pressure whilst driving.

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