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Trusted Car Service in Norwich

Swiftfit offer professional car servicing in Norwich for all makes and models of vehicle.

Whether you need a garage to service your own vehicle or you require a car service on a light commercial or business vehicle, Swiftfit car servicing is here to help.

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Top quality servicing without the main dealer price-tag.

We are proud to offer main dealer standard car servicing, at affordable prices. Not only will we service your vehicle to our high standards, a t a fraction of main dealer prices, we will also protect any of your existing guarantees.

At Swiftfit we are dedicated to keeping your vehicle on the road just the way it should be. Our team are constantly reinvesting in training our staff in the latest techniques and in using the most up to date equipment.

What will a car service include?

A standard car servicing at our Norwich garage includes;

  • A road test
  • A full tyre inspection
  • Electrical system checks including external lights, vehicle horn and diagnostics fault code checks if required
  • An engine bay check
  • Checking of ignition leads, coil, distributor cap (where applicable), cooling system and spark plugs
  • Checking of oil, air, cabin/pollen and fuel filters
  • Battery and charging system checks, fluid levels and top up if required
  • Tension and condition of alternator / air con / power steering belts (where applicable)
  • Exterior checks including front and rear wiper blades including operation, windscreen washer system and a bonnet catch operation check
  • Visual checks of under vehicle components including exhaust, gearbox and drivetrain
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • A brake safety check
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Tyres fitted and supplied in Norwich

Swiftfit offer proffesional and timely tyre fitting in Norwich. Our selection of tyres will ensure we have a tyre to fit your vehicles requirements and your budget.

From low cost options to branded tyres in Norwich. If you have suffered a puncture we can likely fix it while you wait, or should you need your tyre replacing we can do that too - thanks to our experienced tyre fitters and our superb stock of tyres. We also offer wheel alignment, nitrogen inflation and TPMS repairs and servicing.

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Brake repairs and replacement in Norwich

Maintaining your brakes to ensure they are working correctly is extremely important for your own safety and those on the road around you.

Our reliable and trusted team will test your brakes for free, checking the condition and ensuring your vehicle will come to a safe and controlled stop whenever it needs to. Our team can supply original parts in order to carry out replacements from our Norwich car garage, to find out more visit our dedicated brakes page.

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Clutch replacement

Does your clutch feel different?

If you are struggling to get your car into gear, your clutch is slipping or it simply feels different when you are using the clutch pedal then you are best to get a clutch check sooner rather than later. Our team will assess your vehicle on a short test drive and advise you should the clutch require attention or replacement.

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Air Conditioning repairs for your car

At Swiftfit we are car air conditioning specialists. We can carry out a simple air conditioning re-gas service right through to repairs of a faulty air conditioning system.

If you have noticed your air conditioning is not cooling, a repair will allow you to reduce your in car temperature back down to a comfortable level. We will also ensure your air conditioning is running efficiently so it is not making unnecessary noise, creating moisture or using more power than needed.

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Car batteries in Norwich

Finding your battery flat just before you are set to travel is highly frustrating. If your car is struggling to start, your battery most probably needs replacing.

Car battery failure is the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns so checking your car battery could save you waking up on that cold morning to find your car won’t start. At Swiftfit we are proud to supply and install Bosch batteries. All of our batteries come with a 4 year warranty as standard giving you that extra assurance. Don’t get caught out, visit Swiftfit for a free battery check today.

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Suspension repairs Norwich

A vehicles suspension components are designed to work together, limiting vibrations from the road surface to give a smooth ride and keeping your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface.

Gradual wear and damage to components making up your suspension can make faults tricky to detect. That’s why we offer a free suspension check should you believe that your vehicle suspension is faulty. Our suspension repair service is affordable and undertaken by experienced professionals with top quality parts. We are able to repair suspension on all makes and model of vehicle. We also supply and fit shock absorbers.

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Exhausts in Norwich

Is your exhaust making noise? It could be that your exhaust has a problem that requires attention. Visit Swiftfit and one of our mechanics will carry out a free exhaust inspection while you wait.

A regular check of your exhaust will help to ensure your vehicle is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible. At Swiftfit we fit exhausts with warranties of at least 2 years long for customer peace of mind. We use high quality exhaust systems from manufacturers such as Bosal, Walker and Timax, all proud to boast some of the best exhausts on the market. All Swiftfit exhausts can be fitted at affordable prices without compromise on quality of service.

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General vehicle maintenance

Take the hassle out of motoring by ensuring your vehicle is regularly maintained. We cover all aspects of vehicle maintenance from our Norwich garage, including cam-belt replacements and oil and filter changes.

Oil degrades over time even if you don’t do many miles. This puts extra strain on your vehicle’s engine and can lead to serious problems. At Swiftfit we use Quantum Oils, also used by the Volkswagen Group and Lamborghini. If you have noticed a warning light such as an engine management, ABS or airbag light or your vehicle isn't running smoothly, we can carry out vehicle diagnostics using our state of the art MODIS diagnostics computer and MaxiDAS. MODIS diagnostics pinpoint the root cause of the problem, quickly verifying component failures so that we can confidently diagnose faults and ensure they are remedied by our skilled technicians at our Norwich service centre.

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